Support yo Local

I'm going to be very frank; Things suck, people are stressed about their health and income, and it's hard to visualize what our near futures are looking like. 

Right now, all non-essential businesses have had to close their doors for the foreseeable future. Even if they have an online presence, like this, then they can not ship until the shipping restrictions have lifted.

Although, not all hope is lost. There are still SO MANY ways we can support our local small businesses. A lot of us have a lot of spare time on our hands nowadays, so one thing you can do right now, is to show up somewhere in support of your favourite small business/s online. Right now, I want you to interact with their social media pages, purchase products or gift cards from their websites, comment on one of their recent photos, share their page with a friend... any little bit helps! At present, all small businesses have an opportunity for growth through their online presence. Supporting them now, will, in turn, support their future once this is all over (and it will be all over, I promise!).

If you're a little stuck on what you can do to start supporting some small businesses, fear not! I have created this lil' Biz Directory – businesses I personally adore, which I think you will like too! Show these talented folks some support online, and if you know of any other awesome small businesses that need some loving, share them with me via Instagram DM and I will try spread some more loving!: 


Miss Olivia
Miss Olivia
- Christchurch/Rangiora -
Beautifully handcrafted artworks made with bits of nature, bits of paint, and bits of ink. Olivia's works make the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Custom artwork available.
Find her on Facebook, & Insta

Glenn's Pencil
Glenn's Pencil
- Christchurch -
Glenn creates lifelike works of art from subjects ranging from animals, famous musicians, clowns, transport, and so much more. Glenn can do amazingly detailed drawings of your loved pets, of a loved one, or heck, even a cheeky ol' portrait of yourself! Custom works available within a few days! 
Find him on Facebook, & Insta, or purchase from his website.

Flowers on The Coffee Table
- Christchurch -
Maya creates beautiful prints and merchandise filled with her unique illustrations that are ethically made with love. Maya's work evokes the importance of freedom and self-care/well-being, and this is reflected with the use of handwritten typography, uplifting-quotes, calming paintings, and so much more.
Find her on Facebook, & Insta, or purchase gifts from her website.


New Order Boutique
- Rolleston -
The most sophisticated and stylish Boutique you will come across in all of Canterbury, New Order has it all! Their site hosts a range of beautiful clothing from many local New Zealand Brands. 
Shop on the website, or find them on Facebook, & Insta

The Oru Oru Club
- Christchurch -
Ruby uses her amazing styling and photography to showcase her uniquely gorgeous vintage finds, in a bid to be more sustainable in the crazy industry of fashion. 
Keep an eye out for Ruby's collection drops on her Insta! She has a new website coming very soon too, so keep your eyes peeled.

Miss Scrunch
- Christchurch -
Gorgeously fun and quirky scrunchies, handmade ethically with recycled fabrics. 
Check out the scrunchies this lovely lass has for sale on her Insta.

Made by Chrissy
- Christchurch/Rangiora -
I'm a bit biased, but I think my handmade MBC jewellery and accessories are pretty cool. If you're reading this, then you are already on my website, so head on over to my shop and get your collection going! Orders will not be shipped until shipping restriction in NZ has lifted. Check out my Facebook and join the community if you haven't already! 

Caitlin Crisp
- New Zealand -
A core value at Caitlin Crisp is the backing of the Kiwi fashion industry. This means they support local fabric and trimmings suppliers, and everything is handmade by Caitlin herself. They also only create small, exclusive runs, and the majority of fabrics selected are composed of natural fibres. Check out their latest season release here, or show them some love on their Insta.


Gather + You
- Rangiora -
Gather + You is a gorgeous boutique handmade collective offering a wide range of unique & quality products made by over 80 local businesses. Their Rangiora store prides itself on bringing everyone the best products from around New Zealand!
Check out their website, or find them on Facebook, & Insta

Bleubell Macrame
- Taranaki -
Jade from Bleubell Macrame creates beautiful macrame creations made with 100% cotton and natural materials. 
Check out her Insta & Online Store

Monstera & Men
- Christchurch -
Fulfil your crazy-plant-lady needs with the help of Monstera & Men's indoor plants! I personally have a few of their plant babies at home, and I'm absolutely in love. They have a great range of healthy indoor plants at affordable prices.
Check out their Insta for some plant goodness.

Something Blue
- Auckland -
Two kiwi boss-babes came together to create a business centred around engaged ladies (or men!), and spoiling them with some of the best beauty and bridal products! They create monthly subscription boxes filled to the brim with  pampering essentials, wedding planning tools, and exclusive offers.
Check out their Insta & website.

Ash & Co
- New Zealand -
Ashleigh creates unique macrame rainbows, baby mobiles, moons and matching sets, all custom made for you and your wee babies! Ashleigh has the best eye for colour and I love literally everything she creates – I wish I could purchase it all. 
Shop her website, and check out her insta.


Poppy's Apothecary
- Rolleston -
Made with love, care, patience, and honey (from her very own hives), Poppy creates amazing natural products that are perfect as gifts, or for regular use for yourself. Her items range from goats milk soaps, charcoal scrubs, lip balms, cold-pressed soaps, and so much more.
Check out her brand new Insta and show her some love.

Indigo & Iris
- New Zealand -

A beauty brand that gives a damn, Indigo & Iris creates beautiful beauty products and donates 50% of their profits from their sales to different impact projects.

Check out their website, as well as their Facebook & Insta.


Thank you so much for finding out more about these small businesses and showing them your support.
Stay safe, stay indoors, and save lives xoxo